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Pocket Wizard Multimax
Tiedoston tyyppi
Owner’s Manual Addendum
Including: MultiMAX Firmware Upgrade v7.5 (for USB-enabled FCC/CE MultiMAX radios only)
Special Note for CE MultiMAX Owners
MultiMAX Firmware Upgrade v7.5
MultiMAX 7.5 is packed with new features and capabilities for the MultiMAX user
including a new Long Range Mode for remote camera triggering, which beta testers
found particularly useful in arenas and other challenging remote camera applications.
Additionally, you can now move your Custom ID to any PocketWizard frequency for
better triggering in crowded shooting environments. Multi-Zone Receive allows you to
select more then one zone for receive, useful when sharing lights.
The new Signal Strength Indicator provides a quick view of local noise levels when the
unit is turned on then switches to indicate the strength of the last trigger received.
When you need to fully understand your shooting environment, the Noise Sniffer
allows you to see the noise level on every channel. This allows you to locate potential
interference and switch channels before it becomes a problem.
There’s more and you can read the details for all new features and capabilities on the
following pages.
• Long Range Mode for remote camera triggering
• Close Range Mode for working at extremely close distances
• Toggle the hot shoe on and off
• Custom ID Move - put your CID on a different frequency!
• Multi-Zone Receive
• Signal Strength indicator
• Menu indicator for longer menus
• Noise Sniffer
• Radio Relay (Repeater) Mode

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