Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF-E1 käyttöopas

Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF-E1

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Tiedoston tyyppi
Do not connect the power cord to an intermediate point, use an
extension cord, or connect multiple devices to a single AC outlet.
This may cause overheating, fi re, or electric shock.
Make sure the power plug is free of dirt and insert it securely into
the outlet.
A dirty plug may cause fi re or electric shock.
Do not bundle, pull, damage, or modify the power cord, and do not
apply heat or place heavy objects on it.
This may cause fi re or electric shock.
Do not turn the breaker OFF/ON or disconnect/connect the power
plug during operation.
This may create sparks, which can cause fi re.
After the indoor unit is switched OFF with the remote controller, make
sure to turn the breaker OFF or disconnect the power plug.
Do not expose your body directly to cool air for a prolonged length
of time.
This could be detrimental to your health.
The unit should not be installed, relocated, disassembled, altered,
or repaired by the user.
An improperly handled air conditioner may cause re, electric shock,
injury, or water leakage, etc. Consult your dealer.
If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manu-
facturer or its service agent in order to avoid a hazard.
When installing, relocating, or servicing the unit, make sure that
no substance other than the specifi ed refrigerant (R32) enters the
refrigerant circuit.
Any presence of foreign substance such as air can cause abnormal
pressure rise and may result in explosion or injury.
The use of any refrigerant other than that specifi ed for the system will
cause mechanical failure, system malfunction, or unit breakdown. In the
worst case, this could lead to a serious impediment to securing product
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children)
with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of ex-
perience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible
for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Do not insert your nger, a stick, or other objects into the air inlet
or outlet.
This may cause injury, since the fan inside rotates at high speeds during
In case of an abnormal condition (such as a burning smell), stop the
air conditioner and disconnect the power plug or turn the breaker OFF.
A continued operation in the abnormal state may cause a malfunction,
re, or electric shock. In this case, consult your dealer.
Since rotating parts and parts which could cause an electric shock are used
in this product, be sure to read these “Safety Precautions” before use.
Since the cautionary items shown here are important for safety, be sure to
observe them.
After reading this manual, keep it together with the installation manual in a
handy place for easy reference.
Marks and their meanings
Incorrect handling could cause serious hazard, such as
death, serious injury, etc. with a high probability.
Incorrect handling could cause serious hazard depending
on the conditions.
Meanings of symbols used in this manual
: Be sure not to do.
: Be sure to follow the instruction.
: Never insert your fi nger or stick, etc.
: Never step onto the indoor/outdoor unit and do not put anything on
: Danger of electric shock. Be careful.
: Be sure to disconnect the power supply plug from the power outlet.
: Be sure to shut off the power.
: Risk of fi re.
Meanings of symbols displayed on indoor unit and/or outdoor unit
(Risk of fi re)
This unit uses a fl ammable refrigerant.
If refrigerant leaks and comes in contact with fi re or heating part, it will create harmful gas and there is risk of fi re.
Read the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS carefully before operation.
Service personnel are required to carefully read the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS and INSTALLATION MANUAL before operation.
Further information is available in the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS, INSTALLATION MANUAL, and the like.
When the air conditioner does not cool or heat, there is a possibility of
refrigerant leakage. If any refrigerant leakage is found, stop operations
and ventilate the room well and consult your dealer immediately. If a
repair involves recharging the unit with refrigerant, ask the service
technician for details.
The refrigerant used in the air conditioner is not harmful. Normally, it
does not leak. However, if refrigerant leaks and comes in contact with
re or heating part of such a fan heater, kerosene heater, or cooking
stove, it will create harmful gas and there is risk of fi re.
The user should never attempt to wash the inside of the indoor unit.
Should the inside of the unit require cleaning, contact your dealer.
Unsuitable detergent may cause damage to plastic material inside
the unit, which may result in water leakage. Should detergent come in
contact with electrical parts or the motor, it will result in a malfunction,
smoke, or fi re.
The appliance shall be stored in a room without continuously operating
ignition sources (for example: open ames, an operating gas appliance
or an operating electric heater).
Be aware that refrigerants may not contain an odour.
Do not use means to accelerate the defrosting process or to clean the
appliance, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
Do not pierce or burn.
The indoor unit must be installed in rooms which exceed the fl oor
space specifi ed. Please consult your dealer.
This appliance is intended to be used by expert or trained users in
shops, in light industry and on farms, or for commercial use by lay
Do not touch the air inlet or the aluminum fi ns of the indoor/outdoor
This may cause injury.
Do not use insecticides or fl ammable sprays on the unit.
This may cause a fi re or deformation of the unit.
Do not expose pets or houseplants to direct airfl ow.
This may cause injury to the pets or plants.
Do not place other electric appliances or furniture under the indoor/
outdoor unit.
Water may drip down from the unit, which may cause damage or
Do not leave the unit on a damaged installation stand.
The unit may fall and cause injury.
Do not step on an unstable bench to operate or clean the unit.
This may cause injury if you fall down.
Do not pull the power cord.
This may cause a portion of the core wire to break, which may cause
overheating or fi re.
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Tekniset tiedot

Tekniset tiedot
Malli Ilmastointilaitteen sisäyksikkö
Monijako no
Tuotteen väri Valkoinen
Ilmastointilaitteen toiminnot Cooling, Heating
Vaihtosuuntaajatekniikka   yes
Ionisaattori no
Comfort sleeping -tila yes
Kausittainen hyötysuhde (jäähdytys) (näkijä) 6.2
Kausittainen hyötysuhde (lämmitys) (SCOP) -
Vuotuinen tehokkuusluokka (lämmitys) (SCOP) (lämpimämpi lämmityskausi) -
Vuotuinen tehokkuusluokka (lämmitys) (SCOP) (keskimääräinen lämmityskausi) 4.3
Vuotuinen tehokkuusluokka (lämmitys) (SCOP) (kylmempi lämmityskausi) -
Jäähdytyksen energiatehokkuus (EER, W/W) 3.13
Lämmityksen energiatehokkuus (COP, W/W) 3.71
Jäähdytysteho watteina (nimellinen) 2500 W
Jäähdytysteho watteina (min.) 500 W
Jäähdytysteho watteina (maks.) 2900 W
Lämmitysteho watteina (nimellinen) (lämpimämpi lämmityskausi) - W
Lämmitysteho watteina (nimellinen) (keskitasoinen lämmityskausi) 3150 W
Lämmitysteho watteina (nimellinen) (kylmempi lämmityskausi) - W
Lämmitysteho watteina (min.) 500 W
Lämmitysteho watteina (maks.) 3500 W
Ajastin yes
Kylmäaine R32
Wi-Fi-ohjattu -
Automaattinen tuuletus yes
Kauko-ohjattavissa yes
Kaasuletkun halkaisija 9.52 mm
Nesteletkun halkaisija 6.35 mm
Ilmasuodatin yes
Energy Star -sertifioitu -
Energiatehokkuusluokka (jäähdytys) A++
Energiatehokkuusluokka (lämmitys) (lämpimämpi lämmityskausi) -
Energiatehokkuusluokka (lämmitys) (keskitasoinen lämmityskausi) A+
Energiatehokkuusluokka (lämmitys) (kylmempi lämmityskausi) -
Energiankulutus tunnissa (jäähdytys) - kWh
Energiankulutus tunnissa (lämmitys) - kWh
Energian vuosikulutus (jäähdytys) - kWh
Energian vuosikulutus (lämmitys) (kylmempi lämmityskausi) - kWh
Energian vuosikulutus (lämmitys) (lämpimämpi lämmityskausi) - kWh
Energian vuosikulutus (lämmitys) (keskitasoinen lämmityskausi) - kWh
AC-syöttöjännite 220 - 240 V
AC-syöttötaajuus 50 Hz
Suunnittelukuorma (jäähdytys) - kW
Suunnittelukuorma (lämmitys) (keskitasoinen lämmityskausi) - kW
Suunnittelukuorma (lämmitys) (lämpimämpi lämmityskausi) - kW
Suunnittelukuorma (lämmitys) (kylmempi lämmityskausi) - kW
Sisätilan yksikkötyyppi Seinäkiinnitteinen
Sisäyksikön melutaso (matala nopeus) 21 dB
Sisäyksikön äänen tehotaso 43 dB
Sisäyksikön melutaso (suurnopeus) 57 dB
Sisäyksiköiden määrä 1
Sisäyksikön leveys 838 mm
Sisäyksikön syvyys 228 mm
Sisäyksikön korkeus 280 mm
Sisäyksikön paino 8500 g
Ulkoyksikön melutaso - dB
Pakkauksen sisältö
Kaukosäädin   yes
Käyttöopas yes