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CVA 6431
Tiedoston tyyppi
Making espresso or coee
ĺ Place a cup under the central spout.
ĺ Touch the arrow sensors until the coee
type you want is highlighted.
ĺ Now select the type of drink you want.
Long coee
The coee or espresso will be dispensed into
the cup.
Preparing two portions
ĺ Touch .
ĺ Now select the type of drink you want.
Two portions of the desired drink will be
dispensed from the central spout.
Cancelling preparation
Drink preparation can be cancelled while
"Stop" is showing in the display.
ĺ Touch the OK sensor.
The first of two portions can be stopped by
touching the OK sensor once. Both portions
can be cancelled by pressing the OK sensor
for longer.
Preparing hot milk, milk froth and
Danger of burning and scalding on the
steam valve.
Steam and water produced are very hot.
Turn the valve clockwise or anti-clockwise so
that it is at one of the symbols. Do not set
the valve between the symbols two settings
as this will cause the milk to sputter.
} Hot milk
(turn the valve anti-clockwise)
Milk froth
(turn the valve clockwise)
Milk can be frothed or dispensed straight
into a cup, or heated or frothed into the
cappuccinatore jug first and then poured
manually into the cup. The spout must be
pushed in or pulled out:
Milk spout pushed in
Milk will be frothed and dispensed directly
into the cup
(Fill with milk up to max. upper mark)
Milk spout pulled out
Milk will be frothed in the cappuccinatore
(Fill with milk up to max. lower mark)
Frothing milk
ĺ Push the milk spout in for dipsensing
frothed milk directly into the cup or pull
the milk spout out for frothing milk in the
cappuccinatore jug. Fill with cold milk to
the upper or lower mark as required and
replace the lid.
ĺ Turn the valve fully to the right to {.
ĺ Place the cappuccinatore in the inset of
the drip tray and place a cappuccino cup
under the central spout. Push the steam
valve down slowly and carefully to connect
it to the cappuccinatore.
ĺ When you have sucient froth push the
steam valve up again.
Preparing hot milk
ĺ Push the milk spout in for dipsensing
heated milk directly into the cup or pull
the milk spout out for heating milk in the
cappuccinatore jug. Fill with cold milk to
the upper or lower mark as required and
replace the lid.
ĺ Turn the valve fully to the left to }.
ĺ Place the cappuccinatore in the inset of
the drip tray and push the steam valve
down slowly and carefully to connect it to
the cappuccinatore.
ĺ When the milk is hot enough push the
steam valve back up again.
Tip: Heating the milk in the cappuccinatore
jug gives you hotter milk.
M.-Nr. 09 550 160/ 00
Cleaning and care
Controls and displayImportant information
On/O sensor
For switching the coee machine on and o
For saving and editing profiles
Two portions
For making two portions of a drink
Drink sensors For making
Long coee
Display Shows information about the current action
or status
For altering settings, displaying information or
checking which settings are currently active.
For returning to the previous menu, cancelling
unwanted actions
Arrow sensors
For displaying further options and highlighting
a selection
OK sensor For confirming display messages and saving
For calling up the maintenance programme
Exterior view
a Controls and display
b Handle
c Plastic grille
d Metal drip tray cover
e Central spout
f Inset for Cappucinatore
g Steam valve
Interior view
h Capsule plate
i Brew unit
j Capsule carousel
k Carousel runners
l Water container
m Drip tray with grid
n Waste container
o Central spout cover
p Drip catcher
Filling the water container
Change the water every day to
prevent a build-up of bacteria.
Only use cold, fresh tap water to
fill the water container.
ĺ Open the front of the machine
and remove the water
ĺ Fill the water container with
fresh, cold tap water up to the
"Max." mark.
Filling the machine with
coee capsules
Warning. Do not put anything
other than Nespresso coee
capsules in the capsule carousel.
So that you can select the
dierent types of coee from the
display, make sure that you fill the
chambers with capsules of the
appropriate coee type.
If you are using dierent types of
coee, make sure you re-allocate
the chambers.
ĺ Pull the carousel runners out.
ĺ Place the capsules into the
chambers of the capsule
carousel correctly with the foil
facing downwards.
You are in the drinks menu when the
display shows:
To make a drink, touch one of the sensors.
Calling up and navigating in a menu
To call up a menu, touch the relevant
The arrow sensors are used to display
further options.
The setting which is currently selected will
have a tick beside it.
To select a setting use the arrow sensors
until the setting you want is highlighted.
Touch the OK sensor to confirm your
Exiting a menu or cancelling an action
To exit the current menu, touch "Back" .
If none of the sensors have been touched
for a while, the coee machine will revert
to the drinks menu.
Please observe the detailed information on cleaning and care in the operating
instructions. Clean the coee machine every day after use.
What do I have to do?
After dispensing milk,
if it is going to be more
than an hour until milk is
dispensed again
Rinse the lid of the cappuccinatore
Every day
(usually at the end of the
day, before the machine
is switched o)
Clean the cappuccinatore
Clean the water container
Clean the waste container
Clean the drip tray
Clean the grille and the drip tray cover
Once a week
(or more often if needed)
Clean the central spout cover
Clean the capsule carousel and carousel runners
Clean the small drip catcher inside the front of the
Clean the inside of the machine
Clean the steam valve
Clean the front of the machine (especially straight after
Once a month
Clean the capsule plate (with a cleaning tablet)
After approx. 15,000
drinks have been
Replace the capsule hopper
Depending on the
hardness of the water
Descale the machine
The following items are not dishwasher safe:
Capsule plate
Plastic grille
Capsule carousel and carousel runners
All other removable components of the coee machine are dishwasher safe.
Before using for the first time
The coee machine must be
correctly installed and connected before
it is used for the first time. Please
see the Operating and installation
instructions for more information.
ĺ Before filling the coee machine
with water and coee capsules,
clean the coee machine and the
cappuccinatore thoroughly.
ĺ Please see "Before using for the first
time" in the Operating and installation
Water hardness
Set the water hardness level on the
coee machine to the water hardness
level for the local area to ensure that the
machine functions correctly and is not
See the Operating and installation
instructions for more information.
Accessories supplied
glass jug for making hot milk and milk
Descaling funnel (red)
Descaling tablets (Starter set)
Cleaning tablets (Starter set)
Maintenance tool for changing the
capsule hopper and releasing the
steam valve
CVA 6431 en – GB 16/13
Making drinksPreparing for use
Guide to the machine

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Tekniset tiedot

Kapasiteetti kuppeina -
Kahvin syöttö Kahvikapseli
Kahvinkeittimen tyyppi Täysautomaattinen
Vesisuihkujen määrä 1
Vesisäiliön tilavuus 1.5
Sisäänrakennettu jauhin no
Säädettävä veden määrä yes
Tuotetyyppi Kahvikapselikone
Kotelon muotoilu Sisäinen
- Caffe lungo, Cappuccino, Coffee, Espresso
Muut ominaisuudet
Konepesunkestävä yes
Johdon pituus 2 m
Kapselisäiliön tilavuus 20
Käytettyjen kapselien säiliön tilavuus 15
Tuotteen väri Black, Stainless steel
Kotelon materiaali -
Ohjaustyyppi Anturi
Sisäänrakennettu näyttö yes
Paino ja mitat
Tuotteen leveys 595 mm
Tuotteen korkeus   372 mm
Asennukseen tarvittava leveys 595 mm
ASennukseen tarvittava syvyys 313 mm
Asennukseen tarvittava korkeus 372 mm
Automaattinen virrankatkaisu yes
AC-syöttöjännite 220-240 V
Teho 2800 W
Ruoanlaittotoiminnot & ohjelmat
Kahvin valmistaminen yes
Espresson valmistus yes
Capuccinon valmistus yes
Lungon valmistus yes