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DeLonghi PMR2005.CC

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Tiedoston tyyppi
Read this manual thoroughly before installing and
using the appliance.
This is the only way to ensure best results and
maximum safety for the user.
(see figure on page 3).
The terminology below will be used repeatedly on the
following pages.
1 Filter holder for ground coffee
2 Large filter for 2 cups coffee
3 Small filter for 1 cup coffee
4 Steam knob
5 Presser
6 Cup tray
7 Power cable
8 Temperature OK light (coffee/hot water or steam)
9 light (appliance on)
10 Function selector knob
11 position to run off coffee/hot water
12 Off position
13 Steam position
14 Coffee measure
15 Boiler outlet
16 Steam/hot water tube
17 Cappuccino maker
18 Water tank
19 Water tank lid
This appliance is designed to "make espresso coffee"
and "heat drinks". Use with care to avoid scalds
from the water and steam jets or through incorrect
Never touch hot parts.
After removing the packaging, make sure the
product is complete. If in doubt, do not use the
appliance and contact a professionally qualified
The packing elements (plastic bags, polystyrene
foam, etc.) should be kept out of the reach of children
as they are a safety hazard.
This appliance is intended for domestic use only. Any
other use is considered improper and thus
The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any
damage caused through incorrect, wrong or
unreasonable use.
Never touch the appliance with wet or damp hands
or feet.
•Never let children or unfit persons use the appliance
without supervision.
•Never allow children to play with the appliance.
In the event of malfunction or faulty operation, switch
off and do not attempt to repair.
If it requires repair, contact an authorised service
centre only and ask for original spare parts to be
Failure to respect the above could reduce the safety
of the appliance.
The power cable for this appliance must not be
replaced by the user as this operation requires the
use of special tools.
If the cable is damaged or requires replacing,
contact an authorised service centre only to avoid all
Place the appliance on a work surface away from
taps and sinks.
Check that the voltage of the mains power supply
corresponds to the value indicated on the appliance
rating plate.
Connect the appliance to an efficiently earthed
socket with a minimum current rating of 10 A only.
The manufacturer may not be considered liable for
possible incidents caused by the failure to
adequately earth the mains.
Never install the appliance in environments where
the temperature may reach 0°C or lower (the
appliance may be damaged if the water freezes).
The power cable can be positioned to the right or left
according to the location of the nearest socket,
resting it in the guides on the bottom of the appliance
(fig. 1).
When the power cable is in the required position,
make sure it is correctly held in place by the clips on
the bottom of the appliance (fig. 1).

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