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Alcatel One Touch 316

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One Touch 316
Tiedoston tyyppi
13 148 9 10 11 12
Your mobile ..............
1.1 Keys
Navigation key
Confirm an option (press the middle of the key)
Send call
Access to call log (idle screen)
Power on/off the handset (long keypress)
End call
Return to idle
Left softkey
Right softkey
Dial the voicemail number (long keypress)
From Idle screen
- Short keypress: enter zero
- Press for twice: +, "+" are used for dialing an
international call
In Edit mode:
- Short keypress:
" " (space) (text edit mode)
0 (Add numbers)
From Idle screen
- Short keypress: *
- Press for twice: Input P/W, "P" and "W" are used for
calling the extension
- Press then press key: lock keypad
- Press then press : unlock keypad
In Edit mode:
- Short keypress: access the Symbols table
From Idle screen
- Short keypress: #
- Long keypress: activate/deactivate the vibrator
In Edit mode:
- Short keypress: change input methods
From Idle screen
- Short keypress: dial ‘5’
- Long keypress: switch on/off the torch
1.2 Idle screen icons
Battery charge level.
Meeting mode: your phone vibrates, but neither rings
nor beeps.
Headset connected.
Indoor mode: your phone rings, but neither vibrates
nor beeps.
Normal mode: your phone rings, but neither vibrates
nor beeps.
Silence mode: your phone neither rings, beeps nor
Outdoor mode: your phone vibrates then rings.
Alarm clock programmed.
Voicemail message arrived.
Missed calls.
Level of network reception.
Message unread.
Call divert.
Message full.
MMS unread.
To reduce power consumption and energy waste, when
battery is fully charged, disconnect your charger from the
plug; reduce the backlight time, etc.
The charge is complete when the animation stops.
2.2 Power on your phone
Hold down the
key until the phone powers on.
2.3 Power off your phone
Hold down the
key from the main screen.
This product meets applicable national SAR
limits of 2.0 W/kg. The specific maximum
SAR values can be found on page 19 of this
user guide.
When carrying the product or using it while
worn on your body, either use an approved
accessory such as a holster or otherwise
maintain a distance of 1.5 cm from the body
to ensure compliance with RF exposure
requirements. Note that the product may
be transmitting even if you are not making a
phone call.
Multimedia .........
6.1 Image browser
You can view the pictures or images through this function.
6.2 Video player
Use this function to play video files. You can press to play/
pause the video player, press and to tune volume; short
press or to last or next video.
6.3 FM radio
Your phone is equipped with a radio with RDS functionality. You
can use the application as a traditional radio with saved channels.
In FM radio interface, press and to tune volume.
Tools ...................
7.1 Calculator
Press the up, down, left, right and OK key to select +, -, ×, ÷ and
= respectively.
to delete the figure.
Quick Start Guide
For more information about how to use the phone, please go
to to download complete user
manual (English version only). Moreover, from the website you
can also consult FAQ (English version only).
Prolonged exposure to music at full volume on the music
player may damage the listener's hearing. Set your phone
volume safely. Use only headphones recommended by
TCT Mobile Limited and its affiliates.
English - CJB2630ALAAA
Call logs ...............
You can access your call memory by pressing from the idle
screen, or press the
key and select the icon from the
4.1 SIM1 call log
In this menu, you will see Dialed call(s), Received call(s) ,Missed
call(s) ,Rejected call(s) in SIM1.
4.2 SIM 2 call log
In this menu, you will see Dialed call(s), Received call(s) ,Missed
call(s) ,Rejected call(s) in SIM2.
Contacts .............
5.1 Consulting your contacts
To access the directory from the idle screen, press the key
and select the icon from the menu. The complete contacts
of both SIM1 and SIM2 are available in this menu.
5.2 Adding a contact
Select the directory in which you wish to create a file, press the
Options” softkey, select “New” then .
Calls ..........................
3.1 Making a call
Dial the desired number, press the key and select SIM1 or
SIM2 to place the call. If you make a mistake, you can delete
the incorrect digits by pressing the .
To hang up the call, press the key.
Making an emergency call
If your phone is covered by the network, dial emergency
number and press the
key to make an emergency call. This
works even without a SIM card and without typing the PIN
code or unlocking the keypad.
3.2 Calling your voicemail
To access your voicemail, hold down the key.
You can see SIM1 voice mail and SIM2 voice mail in this menu.
3.3 Receiving a call
When you receive an incoming call, press the key to talk
and then hang up using the
3.4 Available functions during the call
During a call, you can use your directory, short messages, etc.
without losing your correspondent.
Contact your network operator to check service availability.
Getting started .........
2.1 Set-up
Removing and installing the back cover
Removing and installing the battery
Inserting and removing the SIM card
Place the SIM card with the chip facing downwards and slide it
into its housing. Make sure that it is correctly inserted. To
remove the card, push it and slide it out.
one touch 316D, two SIM cards can be inserted.
is for SIM1,
is for SIM2.
7.2 Recorder
Use this function to record audio files. The phone support WAV.
The recording file will be stored in record file list automatically.
7.3 World clock
Access this menu to view time of main cities in various time
7.4 Timer
Set a time, and the timer will remind you as soon as the time run
7.5 File management
The phone provides a certain space for users to manage files and
support the memory card. The capacity of the memory card is
selectable. You can use the file manager to conveniently manage
various directories and files on the phone and the memory card.
7.6 STK
STK service is the tool kit of SIM card. This phone supports the
service function. The specific items depend on SIM card and
network. Service menu will be automaticly add into the phone
menu when supported by network and SIM card.
Messaging ............
8.1 Create SMS
From the main menu select “Write message” to create text message.
You can type a message and select to send it to a recipient in either
the SIM1 or SIM2 directory. You can type a message, and you're also
able to insert a pre-defined message from “Templates”. While writing
a message, select “Options” to access all the messaging options.
Specific letters (accent) will increase the size of the SMS, this
may cause multiple SMS to be sent to your recipient.
8.2 Create MMS
Your phone can send and receive MMS in either the SIM1 or SIM2
which enables you to send message containing picture, ring and text.
Audio player .......
Use this function to play audio files. Press to play/pause the audio
player, short press or to last or next audio, in audio player
interface, press
and to tune volume.
Inserting and removing the TF card
Charging the battery
Connect the battery charger to your phone and mains socket
The charging may take about 20 minutes to start if the
battery is flat.
Be careful not to force the plug into the socket.
Make sure the battery is correctly inserted before
connecting the charger.
The mains socket must be near to the phone and easily
accessible (avoid electric extension cables).
When using your telephone for the first time, charge the
battery fully (approximately 3 hours). You are advised to
fully charge the battery (
one touch 316D
Left softkey
Call log (Idle screen)
Send call
Voicemail (long keypress)
Lock Key (Press then
Right softkey
Power on/Power off
End call
Vibration alert
Navigation key :
Menu/Confirm an option
Audio player
Dual SIM
Torch (long keypress)
1 5
2 6
Profiles ..............
With this menu, you may personalize ringtones for different events
and environments.
Settings .............
From the main menu, select the menu icon and select the
function of your choice in order to customize your telephone: Call
settings, Phone settings, Display settings, Security settings
and Connection management.
Alarm ................
Your mobile phone has a built-in alarm clock with snooze feature.
Calendar ...........
Once you enter this menu, there is a monthly-view calendar for you
to view the date; you can go to any day you want.
Camera ............
The phone is provided with a camera, which supports the
photographing functions. Roll the phone to align the camera to the
picture and then press key to capture photos. Pictures will be
saved in the file system of the phone or the memory card. You can
access the options after entering the camera mode.
Torch .................
To light in darkness, you may activate “Torch” by below
Select to turn on/off the torch light through in this interface;
In idle screen, long keypress
key to activate or deactivate the
Torch light.
IP4337_316D_QG_Eng_GB_for CE0700_00_130121.indd 1IP4337_316D_QG_Eng_GB_for CE0700_00_130121.indd 1 2013-1-21  4:57:332013-1-21  4:57:33

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Tekniset tiedot

Näytön halkaisija (tuuma)   1.8 2011-05-04 11:27:54 2012-06-08 13:40:02 3162 16 18
Näytön erottelutarkkuus   128 x 160 pikseliä
Kosketusnäyttö no
Ulkoinen näyttö no
Flash-kortin tuki yes
Yhteensopivat muistikortit MicroSD (TransFlash)
Sisäinen muisti   0.3 MB
Suurin muistikortin koko 8 GB
Takakamera yes
Wi-Fi -
Dataverkko GSM
WAP   -
2G-taajuudet (1. SIM) 850, 1900 MHz
SIM-kortin valmius -
Bluetooth   no
Kuulokkeet 3, 5 mm
MMS   yes
Sähköposti no
Videopuhelu no
FM-radio   yes
Soittoäänityyppi MP3
Akkuteknologia Litium
Akun kapasiteetti 500 mAh
Jatkuva videon toistoaika 5 h
Akun latausaika   3 h
Puheaika (2G) 3 h
Valmiusaika (2G) 250 h
Paino ja mitat
Paino   69.5 g
Tuotteen leveys 45.6 mm
Tuotteen syvyys 15 mm
Tuotteen korkeus   108.8 mm
Tekniset tiedot
Tilauksen tyyppi Ilman liittymää
Tuotteen väri Black, Red
Malli Yksinkertainen puhelin
Puhelimen toiminnot
Kotelo   Perusmalli
Henkilökohtaisten tietojen hallinta Alarm clock, Calculator, Converter, To-do list
Tärinähälytys yes
Puhelinluettelon kapasiteetti 100 entries
GPS (satelliitti) no
GPS no
Pakkauksen sisältö
Sisältää johdot USB
Käyttöopas yes
Sisältää kuulokemikrofonin yes